Changelog du schéma

Pour des raisons de simplicité, le contenu de cette page n'est pas disponible en français.

Version 2022-04-15 ⟹ Version 2023-06-27

  • Image-Text-Pairs is now available for format objects.
  • A new automatically-aligned boolean is now available to flag datasets resulting automatic alignment. Default value is False.

Hotfixes since release

  • (26/10/2023) Corrected transliteration's type declaration (boolean, not bool).
  • (26/10/2023) Fixed syntax (missing })

Version 2021-10-15 ⟹ Version 2022-04-15

  • Added free-text field transcription-software. Recommended values:
    • eScriptorium + Kraken
    • Transkribus
    • OCR For All
  • script is now a list of objects.
    • Basically, all script ISO values should become - iso: IsoValue such as - lat -> - iso: lat
    • Added the ability to specify a little more the script with a new free text field qualify
  • Added an institutions object which reuses the pattern of authors, except that it forces name and does not support firstname
  • orcid is now available for authors objects
  • A new characters field is now available, it supports three sub-properties
    • A unicode normalization mode called mode, which can be None, NFD, NFKD, NFC, NFKC
    • A transliteration boolean to indicated whether script is transliterated (such as hieroglyphs): Default value is False.
    • A members property which accepts a list of characters and represent all glyphs in the ground truth.

Hotfixes since release

  • (21/11/2023) Corrected transliteration's type declaration (boolean, not bool).
  • (09/09/2022) In volume, count's minimum value is 0 instead of 1.
  • (05/09/2022) Fixed pattern for ORCID check.
  • (30/06/2022) Removed required status for roles.
  • (17/06/2022) Added data-provider as a possible value in roles.
  • (17/06/2022) Added institutions object as distinct from authors instead of its subtype.
  • (17/06/2022) Added characters object.